In order to issue payment as quickly as possible, we do not usually contact you with the grading results before completing your order. If you wish to be notified of the card grades before we finalize the order and issue payment, please include this request in the customer comments section of your purchase order; we are happy to email the final grades and provide an opportunity to request your cards back, of requested. Please note orders with a subtotal of $49.99 or less are not applicable for this service. 

The customer comment section is found during Step 4 of the checkout process on the Review Order screen (shown below). 

Once an order is finalized, the cards are incorporated into our live inventory and we are unable to reverse any part of the sale. If your order has been submitted to our system but has not been finalized and paid out, you might still be able to review the grades before your order if finalized. To make this request, please contact our Customer Support team here, and we will do our best to assist you. Please include your purchase order number when emailing to help our representatives take care of your request as soon as possible. Given the time-sensitive nature of this request, we also recommend you give us a call at (206) 523-2273, Option 1, to increase the likelihood of receiving grades or having cards returned before your order is finalized.

Please note, Near Mint cards are paid at 100% of the buylist prices, so these are automatically incorporated into our inventory once received and we are unable to return NM cards. When noted in the comment box, we will email you the grades before the order is finalized so you can request back any cards graded below EX or below.