1. Always include your name and order number.
  2. Sort singles in the EXACT order they appear on the invoice.
  3. Remove cards from any sleeves, binders, or other packaging.
  4. Avoid rubber bands, paper clips, and any other containers that may damage your cards.
  5. Cards should be secured in a hard case, deck box, fat pack or other container.
  6. When packaging your cards do not use excessive tape or anything else that will put your cards at risk by making the package difficult to open and make sure to send them all in a single package.
  7. We encourage you to obtain a tracking number and insurance for your shipment.
    Send your order to:

Card Kingdom
 Attn: Grading

5105 Leary Ave NW
Seattle WA 98107

 Note: There is no need to include a copy of your receipt, but please DO include your order number.

Please note that Card Kingdom cannot be held responsible for damage or loss on shipments sent to us.