Selling cards can seem intimidating at first glance, so we've made it easier with our step-by-step guide

Near the top of the “How to Sell” page, you'll see a tab that says MTG Singles/Foils. When you click that page, it brings you to our search engine designed for selling individual cards. If you want to sell bulk cards, please check out our section titled "How do I sell bulk cards?".

Selecting Titles to Sell

From the singles buylist you can search for cards by title, edition or other additional search options. If you look up a title and find no results for your specific card, we are likely not buying the card at this time. When our inventory is well stocked on a specific card, we stop purchasing that version until our inventory evens out. 

Once you find the card you want to sell, verify the edition and double-check for any special characteristics such as promo or foil cards. Hover over the picture of the card listed to verify the image, borders, and edition symbol match the card you want to sell.

To the right of the card listing, you will see a "USD" price and a "Credit" price. These prices reflect what we pay for a Near Mint (NM) edition of the card based on the payment method you select, check/PayPal or store credit, respectively. Card Kingdom offers a 30% bonus for store credit payments, so the credit price will always be higher than the USD price offered. The store credit bonus is based on the entire order and not per individual card. Cards graded below NM (EX, VG, and G) are paid a percentage of the NM price, as shown on the table below (also found on our "How to Sell" page under the "Order Timelines and Receiving Payment tab).  

Card Kingdom does not sell Below Good cards on our website, however, if cards from a purchase order are rated at BG, Card Kingdom reserves the right to keep these cards for special projects and initiatives. If we purchase your BG card through the buylist, this is paid out at the G rate. 

Next to the prices, you will see the "Qty to Sell" drop-down menu which allows you to select how many copies of the card you want to sell. Click the desired number and it will automatically add these titles to your "Items I Am Selling" cart at the far right of the page. If you make a mistake, you can click "View Sell Cart" to modify the quantity or remove a title.  

Repeat the steps above until you have added all the desired cards to sell into your cart. Once you have added all your cards, click the "Checkout" button on your cart. At that point, it will bring you to a screen where you can sign-in (if you haven't already), and the system will ask for a shipping address. Please enter a valid address here as we might use this to return cards and issue check payments. Cards might be returned if they are graded as Below Good. 

Choosing Your Payment Method

Next, move on to step 2 of the checkout process to select your payment method: store credit, check or PayPal. If you choose PayPal you will be asked to confirm the email associated with your PayPal account. Our system will automatically populate the email used on your Card Kingdom account, but please update this, if needed!

Review Order and Include Special Requests 

Finally, move to step 3 to review your order. Be sure to enter any comments here, including the request to review your grades before your order is finalized. If everything looks correct, push "Submit Order"! 

If you want to be contacted regarding your card grades before the order is finalized, leave a customer request in the comments section during step 3 of the checkout process. Leave a note here to request someone from our grading department emails you a breakdown of grades you received before finalizing and issuing payment for your order. Please note, Near Mint cards are paid at 100% of the buylist prices, so these are automatically incorporated into our inventory once received and we are unable to return NM cards. When requested, we will email you the grades and you have three days to request the return of any cards graded EX or below.  

All buylist prices are shown at the NM value and your initial order total will display the maximum payment. Once your cards are graded, the card conditions and prices will update. If any cards are graded below NM, you will see a change in your payout price. For a breakdown of prices across all grades/conditions, please see the percentage table list above and on our "How to Sell" page under the "Order Timelines and Receiving Payment" tab. Cards graded below NM are paid a percentage of the NM price, as shown on this table. Occasionally, Card Kingdom will purchase cards graded at Below Good and pay these out at the Good rate. This does not guarantee we will purchase all cards in this category.

If you have any additional questions regarding selling cards, please contact our Customer Support team here and we’ll be happy to assist you!