Individual daily quantity limits on the individual printing of a card are as follows:

• Commons, Uncommons, and Tokens - 20 copies per condition

• Rare and Mythic Rare - 8 copies per condition

• Basic Lands - 100 copies per condition

These daily quantity limits are usually defined by the maximum quantity our website allows you to add to your shopping cart at any one time. On a case-by-case basis, Card Kingdom may lower the purchasing limits on special cards from smaller print runs. These limitations may not match the standard individual daily limits and are determined by availability, shown by restrictions on the quantity you are able to add to your cart at any one time.  

Product items, such as, booster boxes, deck boxes, and sleeves, will also have daily quantity limits determined by how many you can add to a shopping cart at any one time. Creating repeat orders which exceed these maximums in one 24-hour period may result in the modification or cancellation of your order(s). This includes the use of multiple accounts to create duplicate orders.