We are happy to offer scans of cards before shipping your order, including Ship To Store orders! Please note, we are only able to send scans of cards valued over $100 for NM condition; if a card is $50 at good (G) condition but is priced at over $100 for the near mint (NM) version of the card, we will be able to send you scans. 


To request a scan: please place an order for the card(s) you are interested in, include a note in the customer comment section saying you would like a scan (in the Review Order segment), and/or send us an email requesting the scans. Include your order number and the titles of the cards you would like scanned.   


We will email you the scans of the cards as soon as possible. After you receive and review the scans, we can remove any cards you no longer wish to receive. Once the scans are sent, we will keep your order open for 72 hours. If we don’t hear back from you within 72 hours of sending the message, we will cancel your order and you are welcome to reorder the cards.  


Please note, this will extend the processing time of your order, since it will not ship until we hear back from you.