Please contact customer support within 48 hours of receiving your package to open a claim and alert us about your condition question(s). Any requests brought to our attention outside of this time window will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

To have your case reviewed, we require photos of the full front and back of the cards on a dark background. Once we have those photos, we will be able to better assist you and our Grading team can re-evaluate the condition of your card(s). See below for photo examples showing what is or is not acceptable. Please send the photos, a brief description of your issue, and your order number to our customer support team here.

The following are examples of helpful pictures for the Grading department. 

A black background makes it easier to see whitening along the border, and the clear photo makes scuffing easier to identify. Even if you think specific damage will be enough to lower the grade, please make sure to include full card photos as well.

The following pictures are not helpful on their own:

In the above photo, an area of worry has been zoomed in on and tilted in an attempt to show more light and highlight the problem. While these photos can be helpful in an explanation, they make it difficult to grade the entire card. The spot of damage your showing might not be enough to change a grade on its own, but combined with scuffing or edge-wear in other areas of the card might be enough to alter a grade!

The photo above is too blurry to get an accurate grade for damage on a card. While you can see that something might be on the edge of the card, it's too difficult to tell what it is. Additionally, blurring will visually smooth out some types wear/damage making them look less intense than you might see in person; so taking a crisp photo makes it a lot easier for us to see anything you might want to show on the card.