If your order appears to be stuck in transit, we recommend first reaching out to the shipping company and signing up for tracking alerts through the appropriate website. Our shipping companies generally require a waiting period before declaring a package as lost or stolen. Depending on your area, this window can fluctuate, so please check below to find your expected time frame. Most orders that appear to be missing are delayed and are eventually delivered within these time frames.

If the package has not arrived within the time frames below, please contact Card Kingdom’s Customer Support team with your order number and tracking information. You can e-mail us here.

  • Domestic shipments within the United States - 30 days 
  • Domestic shipments outside the continental US, APO/FPO/DPO, US Territories - 60 days
  • International shipments to Mexico, Canada - 60 days 
  • International shipments (excluding Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Canada, Mexico) - 60 days 
  • International shipments to Brazil, Chile, and South Africa - 90 days