When an order is created and paid by credit card, an authorization for payment is made reflecting the total cost of the order; this charge is finalized when your order ships.  This is particularly important for orders with prerelease items; payment will be automatically finalized and posted to your account when the order ships on release day. Your bank may show a pre-authorization to help avoid things like overdrafts. 


In some cases, the banks will appear to release the hold prematurely despite the transaction being approved. When an order is placed, the authorization is a commitment to allow funds to be removed once the charge is finalized. Please ensure you have funds available to cover your order. If your bank releases their pending hold prematurely and it causes an issue, please reach out to your bank, as Card Kingdom does not have any records or impact on the communication sent by your bank and we are not responsible for any overdraft changes.

If you use PayPal as your Credit Card processer, PayPal will finalize the charge at the time of purchase. 


If you have questions on a payment or believe you were incorrectly charged for an order, please contact our Customer Support team here