Card Kingdom does offer a wholesale/reseller program. Apply for this program by opening a ticket here

To apply, send us your state wholesale/reseller certificate, or applicable documentation. Once the information has been verified, your account will be flagged tax-exempt, and no sales tax will be collected on future orders (while the certificate is valid). To qualify for this program, customers must have an account with Card Kingdom. Orders made with Guest Checkout do not qualify for tax exemption.  If no documentation can be provided, the wholesale/reseller program cannot be applied to your account. 


Please note, Card Kingdom monitors expiration dates of reseller certificates and will try to reach out when new documentation is required. If new documentation is not provided, the sales tax exemption will lapse until updated documentation is provided and sales tax will automatically be applied to all orders until updated documentation is provided. 

Card Kingdom will not retroactively refund sales tax collected on orders if tax-exempt documentation was not on file, regardless if new documentation shows coverage for the time the order was placed.