If Card Kingdom acquires unclaimed or abandoned physical property, we will attempt to get the item(s) reunited with the rightful owner. Unclaimed cards/items will be held for 60 days before they will be discarded or absorbed into our inventory. During the 60 days, CS will attempt to contact the last known owner at least 3 times to inform them we have current possession, but the unclaimed items will be discarded if we do not hear back from the customer before the end of the 60 day waiting period.

The following types of items might be considered unclaimed property:

  • Purchase Order items we could not purchase and attempted to send back, but were returned to us by the postal service. (Might include BG Cards or damaged packages.) 
  • Sales Orders that were lost in the mail and cannot be refunded due to time constraints by the financial institution.  
  • Other rare cases where physical property ended up at Card Kingdom and we cannot get in contact with the rightful owner.